About Us

Brisk Technovision Pvt Ltd (Brisk) with its 20+ years’ vast experience in IT infrastructure Management, have tied-up with leading OEMs in IT-Security domain and offer a comprehensive vendor neutral solution to meet customer’s exacting needs.

Brisk’s domain experience in IT infrastructure Management gives the right credentials to offer the most apt solutions for the customers.

Brisk has over 150 well trained engineers working on IT infrastructure management for last two decades.

Their areas of expertise cover right from a single PC or Laptop to managing Data centres hosting mission critical applications.

Many Engineers are certified in technologies such as VMWare, Citrix, IBM, Cisco, Nutanix, etc.

Our Information Security Business Unit (iSBU)

Information Security Management has taken the central stage in the management of IT infrastructure services with increasing threats both internal and external. In the current year a majority of the IT spend in organisations is towards IT security to protect their physical, intellectual and data assets.

Brisk is a “IT-infrastructure Management & Information Security (IMIS)” provider for organizations, enabling them to upkeep their entire IT-Infrastructure and safe-keeping their critical Information Assets.

With our 20+ years of hands-on experience in Infrastructure Management across wide variety of platforms, topped-up with the Information Security offerings, Customers are uniquely benefitted with right-fit of Information Security solutions, tailored to their individual Infrastructure set-up.

Brisk strives to offer a Clients-Centric prudent mix of Products, Solutions & Services, acting as Client’s “Vendor-Neutral Partner” in IMIS, with offerings ranging from Cable to Cloud, PC to DC!!!

IT Solutions

Brisk delivers IT solutions for enterprise systems management to effectively and efficiently manage IT resources and assets.

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IT Products

Brisk provides Best-of-Breed IT products from leading OEMs for new projects and overhaul or maintenance of existing IT Infrastructure.

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IT Infrastructure

Brisk is an ideal partner to large corporate organisation for outsourcing their IT Infrastructure operations.Our quality management system conform to the requirements of ISO 9001-2008.

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IT Contracts

Brisk provides Annual Contracts for Server maintenance, PC and Peripheral Maintenance.

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IT Support

Brisk staffs ITIL compliant IT support and services across India to deploy, manage and maintain IT infrastructure of large and medium enterprises.

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Brisk delivers IT solutions for enterprise systems management to effectively and efficiently manage IT resources and assets.