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Cyber Security attacks can lead to identity theft and extortion attempts, which can do serious damage to individual's life or organisations reputation.

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Brisk are resellers of Microsoft and Google and can offer Office 365 and Google Workspace at very attractive price points. What is more we can provide migration and front end support for smooth running.

Brisk also provides home grown mail solutions. It is not only very cost effective, but also can be integrated with Office 365 and Google Workspace. This ensures overall cost of providing mail solution at optimal level.


BriskSmart Business Email Solution

BriskSmart Features

  • Mail Server with Fast Deployment, Unlimited
  • Domains, Unlimited Accounts.
  • Unlimited numbers of virtual mail domains, users, mail lists, aliases, admins.
  • Web-based Admin Tool.
  • Built-in Global LDAP Address Book.
  • Stores Virtual Mail Accounts in OpenLDAP.
  • All components are free, open source.
  • Easily view realtime quota usage in admin panel.

AntiSpam / Antivirus

  • Integration for anti-virus, auto-update virus database.
  • Quarantining in database, release or delete them with Admin panel.
  • Spamtrap support.
  • SolarWINDS spam experts for Incoming & Outgoing email scanning (Optional).
  • WhiteList / Blacklist support. Based on IP address, sender address, DNS name, HELO SPF /DKIM /Greylisting


  • Roundcube WebMail
  • Global LDAP Address Book Support
  • Vacation Support
  • Custom Mail Filter
  • Message searching and spell checking.
  • Threaded message listing
  • Ajax based Drag & Drop Messages
  • Contact list import / export feature

Admin Panel

  • Manage Domains
  • Manage Users/ Mailists /Alias /Forwarding
  • Sender/Recipient BCC
  • Manage Quota
  • Manage Limits and Rate
  • Quarantine Release
  • Log Last Admin operations
  • Throttling per user and domain


  • SSL based Web Access
  • SSL based pop,imap and smtp
  • SSL based Admin Panel
  • Log of all incoming outgoing emails
  • Set bcc of account for monitoring
  • Enable backup user/domain level as needed
  • End users are forced to use mail services through secure connections (POP3/IMAP/SMTP over TLS, webmail with HTTPS). Emails are encrypted in transit using TLS if possible. Passwords are stored in SSHA512 or BCRYPT (BSD)

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